Wednesday, August 31, 2016

10 Natural Deodorants

1. Penny Lane $
2. Primal Life
3. Healing Scents
4. Finally Pure
5. Kiss My Face
6. Maryann's Naturals  Amazon
7. Ozone Layer Deodorant + Zero Deodorant
8. Tom's of Maine Walgreens, Amazon or
9. Primal Pit Paste
10. Rustic MAKA

20 Organic Makeup Brands for Women of Color

Hey Dolls!
I know I've been a bit M.I.A lately but so much has been going on! I'm back in school and my to-do list is slightly annoying. Anywho in the past couple of months I have thought more about veganism and what I am feeding my body. Besides food, beauty and hair products are things that enter and come into contact with my body the most. So, I began a search to find organic beauty products that were not too too expensive (eventhough they mostly tend to be). I found most popular brands were more 50 shades of beige or the deeper color of foundation would make me look ghostly. I decided to compile a list of Organic Beauty for US. We should not be denied non-toxic beauty because we are melanated. Special thanks to for giving me insight on toxicity levels of these brands. Check it out for yourself!
*=Black Owned
$= somewhat affordable and/or samples are offered

*1. Sheamoisture-website is sold out, try Target or Amazon. $
*2. Laws of Nature
3. Healing Scents $
4. Au Naturale
5. Coastal Classic Creations
6. CoverFX
7. Maia's Minerals
*8. Valana Minerals---FOR MY VERY CHOCOLATE BABES. $
9. BeautyCounter
10. Daisy Blue Naturals
11. Gabriel Cosmetics
12. 100% Pure
13. Juice Beauty
14. The Organic Face
15. Willa
16. Pur Cosmetics
17. Mineral Hygienics
18. Alima Pure
19. Afterglow Cosmetics
20. Hynt Beauty

If you know of any other brands please comment down below!

Monday, April 11, 2016


Hey my loves! Merry BLOGMAS!
So, last month I ordered some of Colourpop's lippies (FINALLY right?) and I am in love with the colors I chose. People also seem to like them as well. If that matters to you. I literally could give no shits whether or not someone liked what I put on MY FACE. lullz, just saying. Anywho thought I'd give you my unfiltered opinion. I HAVE WATCHED SOOOO MANY REVIEWS on their products and I've wondered why are some of these reviews on one side of the spectrum and others on the other side? If you find yourself questioning like this, just try the products yourself like I did. By the way, I put them in the order in which I wore them, over the span of a couple of weeks.

DR M.  Forest Green 
{lined with black liner} 
-Long lasting
-no reapplication
-very matte
-very drying, but that is to be expected
-very opaque in one swipe
-smooth, effortless application with no cakey feeling
-sinches lips
-comprable to a soft matte lip cream in formula

GUESS Eggplant purple
-Long lasting
-applies patchy
-loose and liquidy formula
-cakes up more
-needs more than one swipe for more opacity

LIMBO Chocolate brown
-applies great
-opaque in one swipe
-super comfortable 
-long lasting
-no reapplication 

JELLIES Cobalt blue
-long lasting 
-needs more than one swipe for max opacity
-pretty patchy (even had a liner underneath)
-easy application 

DRIVE IN  Bright fuschia 
-long lasting
-not drying
-super wearable
-definitely used a liner (my preference)
-easy application 
-formula similar to NYX soft matte lip creams
-needs multiple swipes for max opacity 
-stains lips


Thursday, January 14, 2016

THE 3 Best Songs on Adele's 25

Image result for adele's 25
Hey #knottyghels! That's my twitter hashtag for my brand and women who love and proudly wear their natural hair! I've been trying to get lots of twitter involvement from women with natural hair but now I'm rambling. Anyway, I recently bought Adele's 25. That's right, I BOUGHT it. This album is absolutely beautiful and Adele has outdone herself. I have followed Adele from the beginning and the sound in this album and it's energy is just different. I've also heard people say she sounds happier, which I slightly agree with. There is a story told in each song and by the end of the album she ends it with a happy song that suggests she has finally found unconditional love in Sweetest Devotion. Picking my favorites was hard because all of the songs are great and of course, Lord knows Hello has been overplayed enough for a lifetime. Here are my 3 favorite songs from the album that I can listen to on constant repeat while pretending my life is a romantic sitcom.

1. Love in the Dark
In this beautiful and sultry song, Adele is basically telling her lover that she cannot keep pretending to love him any longer. Clearly their love has fizzled out and he will just not let her go. I absolutely love how she used metaphors throughout this album just...YESSS. I've definitely been in this situation which made this song incredibly relatable to me. Why stay in a relationship where there's only love on one side? My favorite line is: I want to live and not just survive. Does she know how to write about heartache or what??

2. Million Years Ago
Now, this song rightchereee! This song gives me the feels. This song is full of nostalgia and my interpretation is that she's writing about the simpler times in life when she had her loved ones around. She shows extreme regret and basically says she feels she has made some fucked up decisions, and doesn't feel like she's really living her best life--that's the ongoing theme of the album. I like how vulnerable she was in this song--I was like wow, even Adele has these insecurities?? Maybe money just cannot buy happiness. Shit, I know I'd be pretty happy if I had 25k in my pockets though. Moving on...

3. Water Under the Bridge
In this song, I think Adele wants her lover to stop playing games with her head and admit to feeling something real for her. Another song with metaphors. This dude sounds like a fuckboy, no lie. He's basically leading her on and downplaying their relationship and she's telling him to stop holding her like they're in love and yet never admitting to his feelings for her. Now that's some bullshit. It's time to say bye bye to these fuckboys. Why'd he have to go hurt her like that?!? #STOPFUCKBOYS2016

Hehe. That's all for now folks! What Songs or albums have you purchased that you constantly listen to? Have you listened to 25 yet? let me know in the comments below. x