Friday, September 25, 2015

#HTGAWM s2 premiere recap

So as usual #HTGAWM leaves us with more questions than answers.  Last season we learned:
1. Frank killed Lyla for Sam.
2. AK and Wes are in cahoots about hiding Sam's body-they are the masterminds.
3. Bonnie and Asher are bumping uglies.      
4. Annaleise is great Lawyer and Liar.
5. She really knows how to manipulate people's emotions.

In the season 2 premiere we find AK and Frank hunting to figure out who killed
Rebecca and shockingly it's Bonnie! Everyone else still thinks Rebecca ran away.  AK decides to take a separate murder case while convincing her estranged friend to be Nate's lawyer. Conner gets more serious with his computer geek and moves in. He keeps trying to prove he's still in love even though homeboy found out he was HIV+.
The aunt of the two murder suspects accused of killing their adoptive parents is found dead.  After testifying against them. AND biggest shocker of them all, AK's estranged lawyer friend was also her ex. Whaddayaknow? AK swings both ways. I was hyperventilating when that kissing scene came up. Like, BRUHHH.
Sidenote: I still don't know what kind of relationship AK and Wes have. Sometimes I think it's mother and son and sometimes it seems romantic. I can't blame AK, Wes is fiiiinne wine.

We'll see where this story goes, in the meantime these were the things I was here for in this episode:
1. Wes' cute ass dimples
2. AK's assortment of wigs
3. AK's glistening skin, she was looking HAWT.
4. Shirtless Frank

L8-er peeps!

#5candal premiere ep recap

Yasss! I don't think y'all understand how much I love me some Scandal. So naturally after I got off work I rushed to watch the first episode of season 5. I will only be recapping the First and last episodes of this season.
First lets recap from last season's finale:
1. Rowan blackmailed Mellie into killing the jurors in charge of the B613 case in exchange for keeping hush hush about her and Andrew and operation Remington
So Mellie's dumb ass hid all of the b.s. from Fitz.
2. Y'all already know Cyrus has been trifling from the beginning but in the finale he blackmailed David into getting Olivia and Jake to hush about B613
3. Quinn finds out Huck killed the jurors for Rowan and threatens to shoot him
4. How the ep ended:
B613 is over, Command no longer exists just Eli and he's in jail, now.
Mellie gets booted from the white house!
Cyrus gets fired! (Finally)
Olivia and Fitz live happily ever after(?)

Okieeee Season 5:
Of course Fitz and Liv are doing the dirty like every hour of every day, honky dory and what not. But it's a secret, or its supposed to be. (You know how good they are at those)
Sally is legit up Fitz's ass and she really doesn't have any real proof in the beginning of the episode.
Ok here's the basic run down:
1. This ep is shadowing Princess Diana's tragic death.
2.The white house hosts a party and the royal family of some country I've never heard of are the guests. Everything seems so perfect until Olivia, Quinn and David dig into the princess' sudden death
3. Princess was having an affair and preggers with her bodyguard's baby
4. They think the prince did it but find out it was the Queen. The Prince succeeds her on the throne.
5. Mellie is sworn into office as senator
6. Fitz wants to divorce her sorry ass, so him and Liv can go public.
7. Liv says no but as things turn out Sally exposes all their hanky panky to the world. I dunno where she got the footage but ol' girl is a force to be reckoned with. This is literally where just couldn't deal. Sally gets on my last nerves honestly. On the DL I think Cyrus had something to do with it.
DAZZIT. I'll be posting about another #tgit fave starring Viola Davis.
later lovelies,

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First Fall #FOTD feat la girl cosmetics

Yesterday I wore my first Fall look of the season and used mostly products from la girl cosmetics. 
Eyes: I used my concealers from la girl and nyx and set with my ultra foundation. 
I used the nudes eyeshadow palette and finished my eyes with the liquid eye marker.
Lips: I lined my lips with the wet n wild brown lip liner and wore la girl's runway Matte Flat Velvet lipstick. 
I seriously loved my look yesterday. More makeup looks to come.
Later, lovelies

Monday, September 21, 2015

Yarn Locs

So I finally installed yarn locs and I love them! Initially they were really stiff and I considered taking them out but after a couple of days I've grown to love them. I've received tons of compliments and some people actually think they're real. Of course I did them bigger because I like that look and I'm not about that 3 day braiding life. These already took me 8 hours which is too long in my book, lol. One think with yarn is that, it itches. I have a sensitive scalp and I think it's due to the yarn tending to dry out your hair.  So while you have the hair style in hair care is still essential! Before I even installed them I cowashed with this conditioner from Joe Vees from a while back and Cantu deep treatment masque because I didn't want to completely cleanse all the oils in my hair. I used my Softee Indian Hemp scalp treatment and my African Pride Miracle Oil, which is mainly olive oil, I also used some virgin coconut oil from Target. My hair care after I installed them is water and the olive oil. I do this everyday and whenever my scalp feels dry. 

It took me at least an hour to prepare the yarn before I started wrapping. I used 6 strings to braid my hair and then 6 strings to wrap. I'll probably use less for the braids next time though. Then I just tied the ends multiple times and burned them.

I installed this hairstyle because I have been thinking about locing my hair and I like the look. This is a hairstyle you can have a lot of fun with because yarn can be bought in an array of colours and a lot people also use loc jewelry to accessorize. 
Later lovelies,

La girl Matte Flat Velvet lipstick review & swatch

I recently ordered the la girl Matte Flat velvet lipsticks and I love them overall and the best part is they only cost $4 each!! I definitely found some nice fall colours to wear and I love that as well.
Ok from left to right on my arm:
Bliss-hot pink
Blue Valentine-navy blue

As a woman of color I definitely take colors into consideration and this is purely my opinion on how the colors look on me and how I plan to wear them.  Giggle looked really nice but I do think I will definitely need a liner or just some way to tone it down a little. I'd probably just wear it as is during the spring. 
Bliss was VERY bright on me.  I will definitely be using a liner and gloss, I'm still figuring out how to work with it. Bliss was also a bit patchy, it was the only one I bought that reacted that way on my lips. 
Manic was the perfect pink for me and I am so glad I got it.  Although bliss and manic look similar they are different in person. 
Spicy was beautiful, I usually use wet n wild's mochalicious as my nude but this is also a nice fit for me as well.  New fall color!
Runway was nice as well and will also be a fall color.
I am in love with Blue Valentine!!! This is my absolute favorite, I'm so glad I found perfect brown girl blue!!

Lastly I will add that these lipsticks are very long lasting because it's been 3 days, I've scrubbed and bathed and I still have the colors on my arm. They dry matte pretty quickly. My lips are also stained from the pinks.

Later lovelies,