Monday, September 21, 2015

Yarn Locs

So I finally installed yarn locs and I love them! Initially they were really stiff and I considered taking them out but after a couple of days I've grown to love them. I've received tons of compliments and some people actually think they're real. Of course I did them bigger because I like that look and I'm not about that 3 day braiding life. These already took me 8 hours which is too long in my book, lol. One think with yarn is that, it itches. I have a sensitive scalp and I think it's due to the yarn tending to dry out your hair.  So while you have the hair style in hair care is still essential! Before I even installed them I cowashed with this conditioner from Joe Vees from a while back and Cantu deep treatment masque because I didn't want to completely cleanse all the oils in my hair. I used my Softee Indian Hemp scalp treatment and my African Pride Miracle Oil, which is mainly olive oil, I also used some virgin coconut oil from Target. My hair care after I installed them is water and the olive oil. I do this everyday and whenever my scalp feels dry. 

It took me at least an hour to prepare the yarn before I started wrapping. I used 6 strings to braid my hair and then 6 strings to wrap. I'll probably use less for the braids next time though. Then I just tied the ends multiple times and burned them.

I installed this hairstyle because I have been thinking about locing my hair and I like the look. This is a hairstyle you can have a lot of fun with because yarn can be bought in an array of colours and a lot people also use loc jewelry to accessorize. 
Later lovelies,