Friday, September 25, 2015

#HTGAWM s2 premiere recap

So as usual #HTGAWM leaves us with more questions than answers.  Last season we learned:
1. Frank killed Lyla for Sam.
2. AK and Wes are in cahoots about hiding Sam's body-they are the masterminds.
3. Bonnie and Asher are bumping uglies.      
4. Annaleise is great Lawyer and Liar.
5. She really knows how to manipulate people's emotions.

In the season 2 premiere we find AK and Frank hunting to figure out who killed
Rebecca and shockingly it's Bonnie! Everyone else still thinks Rebecca ran away.  AK decides to take a separate murder case while convincing her estranged friend to be Nate's lawyer. Conner gets more serious with his computer geek and moves in. He keeps trying to prove he's still in love even though homeboy found out he was HIV+.
The aunt of the two murder suspects accused of killing their adoptive parents is found dead.  After testifying against them. AND biggest shocker of them all, AK's estranged lawyer friend was also her ex. Whaddayaknow? AK swings both ways. I was hyperventilating when that kissing scene came up. Like, BRUHHH.
Sidenote: I still don't know what kind of relationship AK and Wes have. Sometimes I think it's mother and son and sometimes it seems romantic. I can't blame AK, Wes is fiiiinne wine.

We'll see where this story goes, in the meantime these were the things I was here for in this episode:
1. Wes' cute ass dimples
2. AK's assortment of wigs
3. AK's glistening skin, she was looking HAWT.
4. Shirtless Frank

L8-er peeps!