Monday, October 5, 2015

My Nigerian Independence 2015

On Oct 1st, Nigeria turned 55! Niaja no dey carry last (as usual). I made it my duty to flood my snapchat with throwbacks of my favorite naija songs as I danced my day away. I spammed naija eeerythang on my Facebook, Twitter handles and gave not one shit. I couldn't even get through the day without singing at least one Flavour song. I am Adanma after all.  So anyway I was pretty pumped to go to this Nigerian independence parry being thrown by a local college.  So I went. Tell me why I was the only person there?? At 10:30? This African time dey too much ooo! I was legit the only female there for at least an hour. I was about to leave but I didn't want to waste this opportunity to party to some good naija tunes, since I rarely do. The awkwardness of the room was making Me uncomfortable so I downed 1 ameretto sour--2 ameretto sours and 1/4 of a Blue MF before just not giving a damn. No one was dancing and I was so over this awkward shit. I got up by this girl who was dancing and started shakey shaking it. The one thing I can't stand about some of the Nigerians in my generation is that we focus too much on looking cool instead of just having fun.  It's all about acting like you don't give a F*** even though you do.  Like get over yourself.  When I've gone to Nigerian parties geared towards families the elders always get up and dance and even force their kids to dance.  But eventually people started dancing and I was the buzzed girl trying to do my thang. I came solo dolo but I didn't care.  I was extremely perturbed that all the beef suya was gone but oh well. I was amazed at my ability to call a cab even though those 3 drinks had ya gurl on her ass. I was a wreck the next morning. But it was a nice night out. Although, I will not be going to any event like that in years to come. Twerking on simple niggas and FOBs that I barely know is not my forte (No shade). Hope my fellow naijas had a great nabania!

*Adanma-Flavour nabania's song about the first daughter of a king. In igbo means first daughter.
*Shakey-Flavour Nabania's way of saying shake yo a**
*Nabania-in igbo means night

By the way these are the materials I used to beat my face!
Jordana's fabubrow
Avon liquid eyeliner
Ardell lashes
Cover fx foundation
Wet n wild's fuschia with blue pearl lipstick

Later lovelies,