Sunday, October 11, 2015

Put a Ring on It! {Celibacy Part 2}

Hey peeps!
Welcome to Celibacy part deaux! What overall helps your spiritual growth while being celibate is focusing and meditating on these ideals. I have watched quite a few messages on sexual purity and Godly relationships and am sharing what I've learned here. Enjoy!

1. The enemy wants to manipulate what is designed for you. 
Sex is never just sex and even though it is a beautiful experience, it is solely meant for the marriage covenant between a man and woman.
2. Sexual Temptation will come and God will provide a way of escape.
We will all be tempted but we have to know our limits and know when God is giving us an escape. That means no "netflix and chill", y'all! If we know we can't handle being at someone's house after 5 pm, DO NOT GO. Go on a breakfast date if you have to. Ultimately our greatest tool against sexual temptation is keeping our eyes on the prize! What's your purpose? Are you gonna let anything get in the way of that? Whatever you feed will eventually win. Are you fixating on these desires?

*Christianity is best done in community--Fellowship or join a church
*Seek healthy and uplifting relationships--I have cut out most of the negative people in my life. Those who I haven't I probably work with or have to be around
*Try not to be around your girlfriend/boyfriend alone for long periods of time
*Focus on the logic not the emotion
*Find a genre of Christian music you enjoy--my favorite artists are: Hillsong United/Young and Free, Bethel Music, Kari Kobe and Laura Daigle--Lecrae and tadashi are great Christian rappers. I meditate in the lyrics to calm my anxiety.
*Have a better self perception
*Pray/meditate/talk to God
*Read the bible, sounds obvious but even if it's one verse a day, it helps keep focus
*Hang out with yourself--I take myself out on "dates",  If I want to try a restaurant,  I go by myself. I have movie nights, I go shopping. I promise at least one date a month to myself. You have to love and cherish yourself.
*Develop/Focus on a Hobby-for me writing and blogging. I'm also going back to school and I work a lot. Sleep is also a huge part of my day. I think that counts as a hobby.

"We always say someone has a sex problem, they don't. They have a purpose problem"
-Nick Nilson

I hope this was helpful! You should be so focused on your purpose that you would let anyone get in the way of that. Believe me, in your spiritual journey there will be doubt and frustration but try to keep in mind that what's meant for you will come. You are absolutely worth a ring and worth the wait. God will never leave or forsake you. 
XO, 9jaknots