Thursday, October 8, 2015

18 Questions Tag

1. Where were you born?
I was born in nigeria in J-O-S which is in the north.
2. Last time you cried?
Last week I'm uber sensitive but I think I've improved ALOT.
3. Would you be friends with yourself?
Durr, I'm the cooliest.
4. Do you have pets?
Nerp, anyone who knows me knows I cannot be around cats (because the creep me da fuck out) and I'm pretty afraid of dogs. I've thought about getting a like a little dog but it's like having a child that can't talk. An Africans mentality on domesticated animals is that It's still an animal. I can barely feed myself. Not to mention nketa*, I have betta tinz to spend money on.
5. Are you a sarcastic betch?
Yerppp. That's basically my trademark at my job. I can't even give out a genuine complement without being called a smart ass. Le sigh.
6. Coke or pepsi?
I'm basically a coke head. The dentist legit told me to lay off, so I did.
7. Cereal?
Corn/Frosted Flakes fo lyfe.
8. Eye color
Poo brown
9. Scary movies or happy endings?
Heh, my naija pals know how real our juju movies get. On the same note American horror movies lately have been irrelevant and unnecessary, not about that life. I love a good Nicolas Sparks movie--Happy ending.
10. Siblings?
I have two younger siblings--brother and sister. I love them a lot, even though they are growing up entirely too quickly.
11. Computadora or television?
I barely watch my tv. Sleep is bae and my phone is side-bae so computer.
12. First thing you notice on a person?
Their eyes and facial features. I pay attention to very minute details.
13. Favorite smell?
Lavender or another floral scent as long as its not overpowering.
14. Furthest from home?
South Texas which isn't very far.
15. Special Talents?
I don't really consider them so special but they are talents I somewhat possess.
- acting ability
-singing ability
- braiding ability
- language ability
Also I can out sleep you any day, so yeah.
16. Hobbies
-finding new music
17. Are you in love?
What is love if your not even sure the other person feels the same way. Infatuation maybe? I think the best word is roundabout crushing--Currently getting over it.
18. Craziest attributes?
I am uber awkward and super loud.

It'd be great if y'all answered one question. I kinda wanna make my blog a forum for discussions. I guess that requires more readership. Thanks so far.
New blog post tommorow for blogtober.
Hugs and kisses,

*nketa: dog in igbo