Saturday, October 10, 2015

Yarn locs take down/Wash day

Hey peeps!
So today after about a month I decided to take down my yarn locs. I'm so glad I did because I miss my natural hair. I probably won't do extensions for the rest of the year. I wanted to be able to walk you through this process the best way I could and show you my usual wash day routine. I will also include pics!  

First I cut the burnt ends off and unraveled the locs. I braided my hair with yarn within the loc so I then took the braids down as well.
One thing I noticed was that this hairstyle actually started locing my hair a bit. I was left with twist like strands. I probably should have pre-pooed or detangled before enter the shower because after shampooing, my hair was giving me a very hard time. I haven't had that hard of a time detangling in a long time.
So after the take down I washed and that wasn't so hard.  My hair definitely needed it. One great thing about being able to do your own hair is taking it out whenever, because you didn't spend much to install. I would rather learn from failure than pay anyone $100-$200 to install a style for me. Nope, don't got the coinz fo datttt. Unless it's like a sew in but installation isn't that expensive. I'm also not a huge sew in person, so yeah. RAMBLING Now---So I washed using V05 moisturizing shampoo. 

I sectioned my hair and did the damn thang. From that last pic you can tell how painful this was. I felt like a small child getting my hair done. Scary ass flashbacks if you ask me....The process was made somewhat bearable by my main b, water and my side piece olive oil. Damn y'all, when I say my hair was tangled, it was TANGLED, like Repunzel. Hopefully this Bantu knot out will come out fabu for church. 
I'll blog y'all tomorrow.
XO, 9jaknots