Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thrift Haul

The past couple of months I've been really into thrift shopping, so I thought I'd share some of the clothes I bought. I'm also amassing a cool tshirt collection that I'll share at a later date. So below I took pictures of the clothes seperately based on blouses, dresses, sweaters and sleepwear. My true style is eclectic but a bit conservative.  I don't like wearing all patterns.  And I did notice I have a lot of black and blues. Some of the items were either hand made or just didn't have a tag anymore. 
XO, 9jaknots 


Pink blouse-white stag
Flowery purple/brown-norton essentials

Blue henna- Karen Scott
Blue Stripe-genuine Sonoma

Red dress-torrid 
White dress- Michael F

Green dress-xhiliration
White dress-mossimo


Pink nighty- secret pleasures
Blue nighty-earth Angels