Sunday, November 1, 2015

Why I'm annoyed by #relationshipgoals

Hey dolls!
So today I'm just ranting about #relationshipgoals and #goals and what's wrong with these memes and trending topics. I find these hashtags extremely comical. I usually take them as a joke until I realize people seriously see these things as goals. I hate how it transcended from a genuine to overused hashtag. I once saw a meme with a couple of stoners surrounded by money and it said #relationshipgoals. Like really?! Y'all need to get the f#%^ outta here with that. Those are definitely not my goals. Here are all the things that are wrong with this ignorant hashtag:

1. Our Generation is incredibly impressionable.
As much as we all try to deny that we don't care what others think, we definitely do! Once we see that this is what everyone views as goals we now view that thing as goals. I'm not being extreme or dramatic, they may not exactly want to be a trap queen the next day but they view it as cool. Like that's "happening". Trapping is actually incredibly hip now. Selling dope is cool now? yeah. Do not be surprised when you see little jimmy selling blunts. I feel like this has a long lasting effect on children's minds. Children are growing up even faster than I did at their age.

2. We are breeding this comparison spirit
I have always been taught that no fingers are ever alike. Every one has their call to glory according to God's plan for them. When we idolize a couple and how they found love or how in love they are we are bringing a very big comparison into the minds of young adults and teens. Our love story will probably be nothing like their's but these ideas will make us strive for some things that were never made for us. My goals are different from others and so are my relationship goals. What one may view as great another may view as sub-par. We are also making our generation less opinionated because now every one is trying to fit in. Be opinionated and be different. Do not compare, it just breeds self hatred.

3. Let's highlight real goals not your cousin Dey Dey 'n em. 
I'm not gonna lie, I initially really liked this hashtag but not its over used and distasteful Ala twitter and I cannot stand it. How is relationship goals a hood nigga and his trap queen? I'm sorry but we're over here trying to promote ourselves not demote ourselves. I also feel that young women should focus on #singlegoals for a quick minute. Some women find their soulmate in high school and some find them later on in life. Be happy with yourself and love who you are without a man because truth be told a relationship will just highlight everything wrong. If you don't love yourself you will not be in the right state of mind to love someone else. Hint: hopping from one bed to another is not the way, but to each his own. We need to start showing positive images on the web because all we show are these ugly things and we wonder why our generation lacks stability and independence. This is why. We need to abandon the bandwagon.

Welp, that's my spiel guys. These are all my opinions but feel free to let me know what you think!
XO, 9jaknots