Friday, December 4, 2015


Hey Dolls!
This is my round up of the best shit on TV. I am NOT being dramatic. If you do not watch at least half of these you are majorly missing out. Good television is not "reality" tv to me, it is a show that makes you laugh, cry and gasp all in one episode. There is a plot and an end game, we are constantly at the edge of our seats and not sure of where the show will take us next. I'll be doing a very brief summary of each. These are in no particular order, I just can't go without catching up to all of these.
Hope y'all will check some of these great shows out if you have not already!

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1. Scandal on ABC
In case the title didn't tell you enough--This is an uber suspenseful show about a high profile DC "fixer" named Olivia Pope and her minions. I believe I've been following this show for 4 or 5 seasons now and I've seen EV-ERY episode. The show revolves around the several scandals but Olivia is involved in one of the biggest ones. This show is quite political and draws reference to quite a few issues. Mid-season finale just happened and you should definitely catch up!

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2. How to Get away with Murder on ABC
This show has only been on for 2 seasons now and is created by Shonda Rhimes just like Scandal. So of course I checked it out! It is also revolving around a lawyer but she teaches criminology at a college. Guess what she teaches?! .......I'll wait. After watching all these shows with lawyers I actually feel like I've gone to law school. Great show and WILL NOT SPOIL. Mid-season finale also just happened.

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3. Jane the Virgin on CW
2 seasons in and I just love it! When I first heard CW was doing a show like this I was so happy, because I could actually relate. This show follows Jane, a latina in her mid 20's who is a virgin. Here's the catch--she gets artificially inseminated by accident!! This show follows Jane as she embarks on some crazy adventures while still remaining relatable. Sort of for the young crowd. 

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4. The Haves and the Have Nots on OWN
OMG. THIS SHOW RIGHT HURR. This show is something else. Let me tell you--I could not stand this show at first. As someone who knows a bit about acting, some of the actors do not do this show justice. The plot keeps me watching. I think this show was meant to mimic a soap opera. One of the main characters was a huge soap star. I watched like two seasons in a week I believe. It's about 4 seasons in. It revolves around the social classes of Savannah, Georgia. Hence the name. There is so much drama and I can't say much without saying TOO MUCH. Ohhhh chile, you BETTA watch! This also returns next year.

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5. Awkward on MTV
Also for the young crowd--I'm 20 by the way. This show just ended it 4th season. I have watched EVERY episode. This follows a group of highschoolers and Jenna Hamilton is the main character. She is uber unpopular at the beginning of the series and actually dies {of embarrasment} many a-times. Talk about AWKWARD. This is probably the only thing I have long term watched on MTV since Pimp my Ride. Comes back in 2016.

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6. Undateable (Live) on NBC
This show is FUCKING hilarious! It originally started as a regular sitcom but now it is runs unfiltered and LIVE. These are some of the most talented improv comedians I have watched. I am in love with the main characters by the way. It follows a group of friends as the navigate the dating world. The two main guys are basically foils of each other. One constantly yearns for a relationship and Love while the other runs far away from the two. They break the fourth wall ALL THE damn TIME and just generally give no fucks. Probably the freshest thing on TV right now and I am not afraid to say THAT.

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7. Friday Night Lights was on NBC--now on Netflix
I know, BOO. I'm late, but I was probably in middle school when this show came out. Do you know my black booty would've gotten whooped for watching this and Degrassi? LOL. Semi-cliche Highschool Drama. You would think I would stop watching because I do not care much for football buttt I have been watching for 3 seasons out of 5.

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8. Orange is the New Black on Netflix
If you haven't already started watching this. BYE, FELICIA. Return to the rock you call home. Seriously, the reason I began watching this show was because I got so tired of reading about all the fun my Facebook friends were having. The internet explodes every time this show comes back. Summary: Woman's Prison and all the adventures therein. WATCH IT.

What are yall's favorite shows? Which one of these do you watch? Let me know cuzzz girl there is nothing I love more than FANGIRLING with others. Like, its my favorite past-time. Hope you guys enjoyed and MERRY BLOGMAS!
XO 9jaknots.