Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Low Porosity Hair

Hey Dolls!
I have been managing my low porosity hair for 8 years now and it has not been easy, but I find the more I learn about my hair the easier my natural hair journey has been. I hope this post will help you guys, getcho life and replenish your edges by 10 fold!!

What is Low Porosity?
Low porosity hair is basically hair that has a tight cuticle layer that makes it hard to retain water. This type of hair can be quite coarse and dry because of this.

How can I test my porosity?
Just get a strand of your hair and a glass of water. If your hair floats-You have low porosity. If it stays in the middle of the glass you have medium/normal porosity. If it completely sinks, then you have high porosity-which means you probably have overly damaged hair. High porosity hair has too many spaces which also does not allow it to fully retain moisture.
Now back to that Low porosity..

What Low Porosity Hair Loves:
*For Daily Hair Care: light-weight conditioners are the bomb. If you get something too heavy, chances are it's just sitting on top of your hair and not really doing anything! This is where build-up starts. Now, I love me some Shea Butter but, it tends to do this a whole lot. Those more heavy creams are best used less frequently and to seal in moisture.
*For Deep Conditioning: Moderate Heat with a conditioner is what you need to open up your cuticles! I used to wear a baggy on my head for about an hour to make sure it really penetrated my strands. You can also put your conditioner bottle in lukewarm water prior to applying it to your hair.
You also want to make sure you are really clarifying your scalp if you use a lot of different products.
That build-up is not cute, boo!
*3 key ingredients we need to look out for:
Silk Protein, Wheat Protein and Hydrolyzed Protein-These are the proteins Low porosity loves!
Warm water should actually be your last rinse when washing to open up your cuticles and allow the products to penetrate.
Acidic products, like Apple Cider Vinegar are great.
Steam is a great way to seal in moisture as well!

What Low Porosity Hates:
*The overuse of Heat
That means you, Flat-iron fanatics

*Basic (ph) products
Don't be a basic bitch

Please don't shampoo everyday!! 

*Being overwhelmed by products
I knew being a lazy natural would pay off!

I hope this answered your questions. If you would like to know more, feel free to comment below. Also, have you found any of those proteins in a product in your house? I would love to know which products!
XO, 9jaknots