Tuesday, December 8, 2015

REACTIONS I received for wearing DR. M [colourpop cosmetics]

HEY Peeps! Let me tell you, the day I wore Dr. M was quite the day. I honestly don't care much about the flack I may get for wearing any color but the reactions were honestly hilarious. I thought I'd share it with y'all. This I what people think when a black girl wears GREEN LIPSTICK.

1. Lots and lots of staring
I was like Golly! am I crazy or all these people really staring at me right now? THEY REALLY WERE. Even at my job. People were looking at me like I was crazy but also like I was doing something that they could never do. I'm bold and I like it.

2. "OH, That's...unique."
I KID y'all not, like almost all the white womens that saw me said this. So I'm gonna assume "unique" is code for something. Not beautiful, or pretty but...unique. Not like I really care but I will wear any color I want whether y'all think it's pretty or not.

3. "Did you eat a bunch of candy?"
Now, y'all know a man must've said this. Why we throwing slugs? I just looked at him like, REALLY, nigga? Funny thing was, I lined my shit-so why he tryna play me like that?!

4. "WOAH, is it halloween?"
Yeah, because we always have a second halloween at the end of november. Another Dumb question.

5. "That's a beautiful color."

6. "That color looks great on you, where'd you get it?"
I'm so enveloped into the makeup world that, I get so surprised when women still do not know what colourpop is. I guess they still have a ways to go before they reach MAC status. That's the only brand I hear 90% women rave about.

7. "I was looking at you like you were crazy too."
Said by one of my managers

Said by one of my work friends veryyy loudly in front of a group of people. CAN WE SAY, AWKWARD?

9. "What's the occasion?"
So this customer thought that I was celebrating something or maybe she was just subtly trying to play me...I Don't know. She looked very concerned.

10. "LOOK AT YOU!"
Yasss Bow down bishesss.